Diablo Magazine, 2008
"Rest assured you’ll hear some Farsi at this Persian restaurant.  Tucked into a small adobe-colored shopping center, Shiraz is drawing Iranian families from around the East Bay with its overflowing platters of basmati rice and kebabs. There are other dishes on the menu, like zershk polo (a rich chicken dish with currants) and gormeh sabzee (a stew featuring herbs, beef, kidney beans, and sun-dried limes). But the stars of Shiraz are the moist and delicious kebabs—like ground beef, chicken, or filet mignon—grilled over an open flame. Squeeze a lime over your kebab for a taste explosion. For dessert, there are a bunch of Persian delights, but also a house-made tapioca pudding that young children (and their parents) adore. Breakfast Sat.–Sun., lunch and dinner daily."